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Given the global coronavirus crisis, the Coalition has canceled all weekly trail work dates for the foreseeable future. We have also asked our members to be safe and considerate regarding the Massanutten Western Slope Trail and Parking Lot.

At this point, we plan to review this decision in early June to see if there is an opportunity to safely begin small group trail work projects again on Massanutten’s Western Slope. Trust us when we say that we too can’t wait to return to our weekly Thursday and Saturday trail work parties and building community through trails.

We have heard from many of you who are interested in helping with trail projects on the Massanutten Western Slope. We have continued to plan and build trails on the Western Slope and were able to hire Sam Skidmore to build nearly a mile of new trail this spring. (Click for a map of the new trail build) We have even asked for your donations and potential equipment/supplies to help with new trail builds and a planned skills area.

So you think you want to help with trail building during a pandemic?

There is about a mile of machine built trail on the Western Slope that needs to be “finished” with hand tools. Thomas Jenkins has a video to teach you how to properly perform the work. Cutting out roots is one of the last and smallest steps. If you are interested, be sure you watch the video and also fill out our Google Form so we can be sure you are headed to the right place and working on the proper section of trail.

Will You Consider a Donation to Help?

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