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The Massanutten Western Slope offers 32 incredible miles of trail on more than 800 mountainous acres, ideal for mountain biking and trail running.

The Coalition is proud to build, maintain, and expand these trails for our community. 

The Western Slope trail system is made possible through our partnership with Massanutten Resort, which owns the land. In order to preserve community access and improve the trail network, we rely on YOU — your feedback, your volunteer support, your responsible use of trail passes, and most importantly your joyful time on the trails.

Shape the Future — Share Your Feedback

The Coalition is currently undergoing a year+ long master planning process for the Western Slope Trails. Your visions, desires, and ideas are needed to shape the future of the trail system.

More flow trails wanted?  Rock gardens forever?  New routes to the ridge line?  Been thinking about visiting but something is holding you back? We want to hear it all!

Long time trail users and new voices are all welcome!

Read the Survey ResultsLearn More About Our Trail Planning Process

Build More Trail — Join the Team

Over 20 years of volunteer trail work built the Western Slope we know and love. The Master Trails Plan created above will guide future trail building efforts, but such work is always made real by the sweat, dedication, and passion of our volunteers.

During the season (spring through September) we host weekly trail work parties to build new and maintain existing Western Slope Trails.

All year long, the Western Slope Team oversees and coordinates such efforts, building up both our trails and our community capacity.

Learn more about both volunteer opportunities, and please consider joining us!

Volunteer Trail WorkWestern Slope Team

What You Need to Ride

Trail pass – choose one below.
In-Season Date – open every day from January to November 1st.  Open only on Sundays November 4 to January 6th for regional hunting season.

Join the Coalition and we'll mail you an Annual Trail Pass.
Day passes are available online, for same-day access.

All trail pass fees support the Coalition, which builds, maintains, and expands the trails.

Your pass dollars build the trails you ride!

Trails MapTrailhead Location


Looking for online resources for Massanutten Trail Maps? Check out MTBproject and Open Cycle Maps. You can also download the map.