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About the Coalition

We are a Coalition with a vision for building better communities.

Mountain Bikers

When we envision enhancing the places that we live, we imagine healthier, freer, more connected, stronger, more vibrant communities. We are a coalition of people who believe that the bicycle is a tool to help us build these places.

Vision & Values

  • We have a 35-year history in the Shenandoah Valley. We live in the most beautiful geography in the world, as both life-time residents and newcomers.
  • We share hopes for our communities that include our families, our neighbors, and the natural world.
  • We bring a can-do, cooperative spirit to our work. We give our time, energy, and passion to our trails, roads, and friendships.
  • We believe that biking should be fun. We believe that change can be playful.
  • We believe in stewardship and generosity for future generations.
  • We believe that inclusion and a welcoming attitude will make us stronger and better.
  • We believe in the power of the bicycle to transform ourselves and our world.

Action Plan


Through advocacy and outreach we build connections between prospective riders, current bicyclists, and civic leaders to create more vibrant and welcoming communities.


We develop tools, skills, and resources for everyone to be able to choose whether, where, and how to ride. We elevate the voices of local residents so that everyone can shape the community in which they live, work, ride, and play.


We build exceptional riding opportunities – new mountain biking trails, greenways, safe routes to school, welcoming road riding routes, and a supportive bicycling community.


We ride with joy, with play, and with purpose. We ride to work, through mountains, in the rain, and under sunshine. Joyful riding is surest sign of the better communities we envision.