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Western Slope Volunteer Team

Building exceptional trails & community capacity

The Western Slope Team coordinates trail development, volunteer recruitment, community outreach, and more.  

Mission & Goals

As a volunteer-driven team dedicated to improving the Western Slope trails, we focus on three key goals:

(1) Build Exceptional & Welcoming Trail Experiences

We coordinate efforts to build, maintain, and improve the Western Slope Trail System. This includes prioritizing trail work activities, implementing the upcoming Western Slope Master Plan, and training and coordinating volunteer trail builders. 

(2) Build Community Capacity

With a collaborative, team-based approach, we work to preserve and enhance the relationships between Massanutten Resort, the Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition, and the broader community. Over time, we hope to expand into more volunteer recruitment and grow our community networks of support.

(3) Build Clear & Collaborative Communication Channels 

We seek to serve as community ambassadors, hearing and incorporating community feedback. We also strive to provide the best information possible about the Western Slope Trails.

Who We Are

The Team is a working group dedicated to improving the Western Slope trail system. All our members volunteer in some capacity for the trails. As a Team, we work to ensure that the Coalition’s trail building efforts are strategic, coordinated, and responsive to the needs of our community.

After a number of years of being an “ad hoc” committee, we are currently finalizing our group membership and governance structure, all as part of the current Western Slope Planning Process. You are welcome to reach out to any of our members listed below.

Acting Members:

Thomas Jenkins
Bill Harner
Tim Cook
Karl Waizecker
Dusty Burchnall

Join Us!

The Western Slope Team is actively seeking new members.

To get to know a little more about us, please read our Mission, Goals & Governance, our Team Member Roles & Responsibilities, as well as some background on our current Master Planning Process for the Western Slope Trails.

It isn’t necessary to join the Western Slope Team to volunteer on the trails. But if you’re interested in helping take the Western Slope trails to the next level through collaborative team building, we’d love to hear from you. Simply complete our Letter of Interest.


Support the Coalition During the Great Community Give on April 17