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Everyone deserves the freedom to walk and bike as part of their daily life. Because of your support, the city of Harrisonburg, VA, invested in the biggest walk-bike project in the city’s history!

The Friendly City Trail connects three schools, two parks, and neighborhoods. It is a big step toward a cohesive network of low-stress greenways and on-street paths in Harrisonburg.

Seven years after launching a campaign to Connect Our Schools in Harrisonburg, Virginia, we are delighted to finally walk, bike, and roll on the completed Friendly City Trail. Trails don’t build themselves; in this case, they don’t fund themselves.

We are bursting with pride for our community’s success and are celebrating this fantastic trail project. We still have a long way to go to make the Shenandoah Valley a welcoming, accessible place for anyone who wants to walk or bike, but we’re one small step closer.

Thank you to everyone who made the Friendly City Trail a success. We encourage you to lend your voice and join us in building better communities in the Shenandoah Valley.

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