2018- The Year of the Dog

2018- The Year of the Dog

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Consider your Bicycle Coalition as 2018 comes to a close and help us reach our December fundraising goal of $5,000. With your help and by DONATING TODAY, we will continue harnessing the power and joy of the bicycle to build better communities

We are a 501c3 non-profit and your donations are tax-deductible. Donate TODAY

The Year of the Dog did not disappoint. How did our work Build Stronger, Happier, Healthier, more Vibrant, Connected Communities?

  • Volunteer of the Year: We started a new tradition of recognizing a volunteer of the year. For 2018 we recognized a Massanutten Western Slope volunteer of the year, Karl Waizecker for all his hard work on both of our trail projects. Read about Karl and his award
  • Elections have Consequences: Because we are more than a bicycle “club” 2018 marked the fourth election cycle in a row, where we held a candidate forum for Harrisonburg City Council Candidates at Court Square Theater. Don’t you want to know where candidates stand on important issues like transportation? Read the Recap
  • Empowering Volunteers: Do you have a favorite trail? Do you want to give back? You helped us start a Trail Adoption Program where you can “adopt” a trail and ensure it receives the love it deserves. See the list of trails and adopters
  • #MoreKidsOnBikes: Whether we are working to help build a mountain bike trail on the property of an area high school or running a program (SHEN-ROCK) where students learn how to mountain bike, we are committed to ensuring more kids experience the joy of riding a bicycle. Read about the Spotswood High School Trail.
  • A New Chapter, Full-Time Staff: With your support and encouragement, the Coalition took a historic step in 2018 and announced hiring Kyle Lawrence as our first full-time Executive Director. This expansion does not represent a change from a volunteer culture to a professional one. Rather, this decision is a celebration of our can-do culture and a desire to amplify the work of our volunteers. Together, we are growing the Coalition — reaching new populations, creating new partnerships, changing minds, and building a community that’s joyful, safe, connected, and full of bicycles. Read Kyle’s letter to the Bicycle Community
  • New Trails on Massanutten’s Western Slope: You did the heavy lifting! hundreds of volunteer hours along spending funds from our Massanutten Trail Pass system culminated in the near completing of TWO new trails on the Western Slope. One is up high in the rocks and connects to the ridge trail while the other will move us one step closer towards building a lower green loop that is all trail. Watch our video of the upper trail the “Puzzler”
  • Working to improve local systems: We are working to implement a mechanism for tracking when people walking or riding bikes are hit by cars. In addition, we are working to ensure that local police departments handle pedestrian and bicycle crashes with the care and attention they deserve. Sometimes that means addressing existing policies that fail to distinguish a car on car crash from one involving person walking or a person on a bicycle. Read about a crash gone wrong

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