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Sunset Park Trails Phase 1

The First Phase of Sunset Park Trails is Complete and Open!

Sunset Park is Waynesboro’s newest Park addition and it will eventually include over 4 miles of natural surface trails for biking, walking, and running.

  • Where is Sunset Park? Just outside of Downtown Waynesboro!
  • How Many miles of trail are on the ground? Only 1 mile for now but it’s wide, smooth, fun, flowy, full of berms, and a great beginner experience for biking, walking, or running.
  • How many more miles will be built? About another 3.5 miles. You can view the full trail plan on svbcoalition.org/sunset
  • We’re pouring beer as a fundraiser at Sunset Park on 6/15 Can you Help? Sign Up to Volunteer.

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