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Your Bicycle Coalition relies on our Board of Directors to help steer and guide the organization as we work towards our mission to Build Better Communities in the Valley and ensuring everyone in the Valley can comfortably and easily walk and bike as part of their daily life. The Board consists of up to eleven directors who each serve a three-year term.

We Are Always Looking for Interested Board Members

The Coalition will hold Followup Board of Directors Elections again in early spring 2024. Want to nominate someone or are you interested in Board Service? Learn More

We always try to keep prospective board members in the wings and ready to join our team. It is NEVER too early to let us know that you might be interested. If you are interested, you can fill out our interested Board Member Letter of Interest.

How to Vote for Candidates

After you read about each candidate, you can vote at the bottom of this page. If you have questions, please reachout to us,

Introducing our three Candidates for our Board of Directors

Trent Wagler (Running for a first term)

I’m excited to be considered for a seat on the Bicycle Coalition board. I’ve known this cycling community’s steady backbone has been the coalition for years, and I’m hoping to be able to participate by listening and offering any assistance I can. My life has been significantly improved by recent infrastructure initiatives like the Friendly City trail, and I’m encouraged by the cycling strides Harrisonburg has made in the past twenty years. I’m always up for gravel adventures and epic rides, but I am most interested in how to make cycling more accessible and integrated into our community’s daily lifestyle. 

Carol Lena Miller (Running for a first term)

My name is Carol Lena Miller, and I would like to join the Bicycle Coalition Board. I’ve lived (and rode my bike almost daily) in our beautiful Valley for a couple of decades now. I’ve grown to love this community, and a big part of that affection is derived from the work of the Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition — from the trail work to bike-centered rides and events to bike/ped infrastructure and advocacy to simply making this a better place to live, work, and ride. I have ample experience working with nonprofits, including a few years working to get the Northend Greenway project underway in the late 2000’s. Now, I’d like to give back to SVBC and to the community; I look forward to learning from and engaging with the SVBC tribe as we work together to continue the strong legacy of cycling joy in our region.

Case Watkins (Running for a first term)

My partner Kristin and I moved to Harrisonburg in 2013 thanks to opportunities at JMU. Originally from Louisiana and with extended stops in Austin and Bahia, Brazil, we feel so fortunate to put down roots in the vibrant Shenandoah Valley. I ride my bike to work, with my kids to school, and to shop and hang out downtown. We’ve benefited greatly from the coalition’s work to amplify biking and pedestrian access and safety, and I’m excited to help push the needle forward.

At JMU I teach Environmental Justice, a field of study and social movement that asks us to recognize, and improve, how harms and benefits are distributed throughout our communities. My classes, research projects, and service priorities focus on the relationships connecting people and places. How can we make those relationships more equitable, more inclusive, and healthier for all? I’m excited to bring that way of thinking, living, and sharing to the coalition. I’d like to see us continue to build community by expanding access to safe and inclusive paths, streets, trails, and other spaces across the Valley. I see wonderful opportunities for connecting the SVBC to other community groups working to make the friendly city, and the broader Shenandoah Valley, even friendlier.

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