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  • Luis Perez Sr says:

    I moved to Harrisonburg from San Antonio Texas 2 years ago, where cellphone use while driving was a violation and enforsed. Signs of this violation was posted on most traffic roads. Here in Harrisonburg, no signs anywhere. What I have seen while driving around town is a lot of distracted drivers using their cellphones. In a town where college students come and go each year, there are no visible signs reminding drivers that driving and cellphone use is a distraction. I have seen drivers with cellphones in their hand and texting at traffic stops and holding up the traffic when the traffic lights change to green. They slow down traffic and I had witnessd their cars swaying left and right. I will not ride my bike in the streets of Harrisonburg with fear of getting hit by a distracted driver. Rally to have the city post on roadways signs warning drivers of distracted driving.

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