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On June 15, we released a list of action items (We Must Do More – We Will Do More) for how we will redouble our efforts to ensure the Coalition and our work focuses on Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. The Coalition’s Board of Directors committed to do more and to embark on a journey towards a more inclusive organization and community. The journey isn’t easy nor clearly laid out. We recognize the process will be messy and we invite you to join us on this journey to ensure bicycling and the outdoors are truly for everyone.

One of our actions items was to “Adopt a Code of Conduct for participating in Coalition events and rides to ensure more people feel safe and included.” While we still have much work to do. We are excited to release the first iteration of our Code of Conduct and hope it will help provide a framework for a more inclusive and welcoming organization.

We intend this to be a living document and welcome your feedback so that the Coalition can continue to improve, grow, listen, and learn.

Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition Code of Conduct

1. Purpose

The Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition’s Mission is to build better communities for everyone. We work towards this goal in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and work to foster and support a just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive community. As such, we are committed to fostering and adhering to a friendly, safe and welcoming environment for all, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, ability, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or religion.

This code of conduct outlines our expectations for all events, rides, and functions. Specifically, this code of conduct pertains to ride/event leaders and participants, as well as representatives and volunteers at official Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition events including board meetings, and social gatherings.

Have fun, be kind to one another, and help ensure the Coalition is a safe place where everyone can belong. 

2. Core Values

These values come from members in our community and represent the breadth of issues the Coalition tackles. These are the things the community wants for itself,  its legacy in the Shenandoah Valley, and hopes to instill in others:

Active Transportation, Community-Building, Inclusivity, Bicycle Joy, Stewardship, Accountability, Responsibility,  Collaboration, Accessibility, Justice,  Education, Fostering Leadership, Equity, and Access to the Outdoors

3. Expected Behavior

The following behaviors are to be used as a resource for event/ride leaders to know what is expected of events/rides that are listed on the Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition calendar, These are expected behaviors for all parties involved:

  • Be inclusive, friendly, inviting, and helpful to those around you. There may be participants who are rarely on a bicycle and it’s important to assist those people who may not be as seasoned a rider as you.
  • Exercise consideration and respect in your speech and actions, as well as during online interactions.
  • Attempt collaboration and understanding before conflict.
  • Demeaning, discriminatory, or harassing behavior and speech will not be tolerated.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings and of your fellow participants. Alert those who are helping lead the event/ride if you notice a dangerous situation, someone in distress, or violations of this Code of Conduct. 
  • Insulting, harassing or demeaning volunteers or event/ride leaders will not be tolerated.
  • Report unacceptable behavior if you see it and do not attack others.
  • Helmets are required for all group rides.
Expected Behavior For Family-Friendly Rides:
  • Stay together as a group.
  • Helmets are required for all group rides.
  • Kids riding their own bikes should be able to ride in a more or less straight line, stop and start as necessary, and follow verbal directions.
  • Rides should be constrained to a distance and elevation gain appropriate for inclusion.

4. Unacceptable Behavior

The following behaviors are considered harassment and are unacceptable within our community, as such, the event/ride leaders who observe these behaviors on their events/rides are expected to address and report such behaviors:

  • Violence, threats of violence or violent language directed against another person.
  • Sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist or otherwise discriminatory jokes and language.
  • Posting or displaying sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist or otherwise discriminatory language, imagery, or symbols.
  • Posting or displaying violent material or encouraging violence, either on Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition resources online or on rides, directly in view of participants.
  • Personal insults, particularly those related to gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, or disability.
  • Inappropriate photography or recording.
  • Inappropriate physical contact. You should have someone’s consent before touching them.
  • Unwelcome sexual attention. This includes sexualized comments or jokes, inappropriate touching, groping, and unwelcome sexual advances.
  • Deliberate intimidation, stalking or following (online or in-person), or brandishing a weapon.
  • Advocating for, or encouraging, any of the above behavior.
  • Sustained disruption of community events, including rides and official Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition events.

5. Consequences of Unacceptable Behavior

Unacceptable behavior from any community member, including event/ride leaders and those with decision-making authority, will not be tolerated. Anyone asked to stop unacceptable behavior is expected to comply immediately.

If a community member engages in unacceptable behavior, we may take any action deemed appropriate, up to and including:

  • A temporary ban of the individuals involved from official Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition events.
  • Permanent expulsion of offending individuals from official Coalition events.

6. Reporting Guidelines

If you are subject to or witness unacceptable behavior, or have any other concerns, please notify us as soon as possible by emailing or completing the Reporting Unacceptable Behavior Form to your best ability.

Additionally, the Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition recognizes that experiencing unacceptable behavior can make anyone feel unsafe. In the context of official Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition events, organizers are expected to assist participants who have experienced unacceptable behavior with reporting, and rendering aid during an incident insofar as they feel comfortable. We recognize that ride leaders and often event organizers  are volunteers and we do not expect them to do more than they are comfortable with (beyond reporting) when it comes to dealing with inappropriate behavior. 

These reporting guidelines should be seen as complementing, rather than replacing, actions that you would normally take in situations where health and safety might be at acute risk, such as calling 911   for emergency medical treatment or law enforcement.

7. Listing on the Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition Calendar/Communication Channels

Public listings on the Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition calendar are not official Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition events unless clearly indicated as official. These non-official events are not covered by insurance and all participants in these public listings are responsible for their own health and safety. If you are in danger in any way, please get to safety and ask for help.

All persons who are involved with listing or leading a ride/event on the Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition calendar agree to uphold this Code Of Conduct for the duration of the listed ride/event. All rides listed on the Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition calendar are open to everyone to join and enjoy. We appreciate the community’s help in making our mission to promote inclusive bicycle joy a successful one.

8. Scope

We expect all community participants (contributors, paid or otherwise; sponsors; and other guests) to abide by this Code of Conduct in all official Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition venues – online and in-person – as well as in all one-on-one communications pertaining to the Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition community.

We reserve the right to take action based on unacceptable behavior (as defined above) taking place outside of a Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition event,  ride or function, if that behavior has the effect of creating a hostile environment at one of our events,  rides or functions.

9. Contact Info

10. License and Attribution

This Code of Conduct is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

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