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pic-of-the-day-trail-work-bicyclegeography1Continuing a tradition that has spanned two decades, the SVBC will again kickoff Saturday trail work on in the George Washington National Forest this fall on August 22. We will begin the season with working on the Lynn Trail to get it dialed for the Shenandoah Mountain 100. Then we will move onto trails that are part of our most recent Recreational Trails Program grant so that your volunteer hours can count as “match” towards the SVBC portion of the grant. Your time is worth $23 per hour for our purposes and we NEED your help.

We will begin by working on the Lynn Trail to fix up some recent tree mess that has impacted the trail. We have only a few weeks before the biggest event in the area comes to town, the Shenandoah Mountain 100 on Labor Day Weekend. We will aim to get the Lynn trail styled and dialed in time for the event
Where: Leave Mr. J’s on 42 South at 9am or meet us out at the Lynn Trail head. Driving Directions from Mr. J’s on 42 South to the Lynn Trail (about a 30 minute drive)

When: STARTING August 22 and then continuing Every Saturday in the fall through the end of October
Questions? Contact Marshall Hammond ( )


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