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GET Your Massanutten Trail Pass NOW. Follow our Step by Step guidelines and we will drop you a pass in the mail.
Massanutten passes

A few updates concerning Massanutten Trail passes for 2015 and some stats for the Western Slope:

  1. Passes are now good for a full year from when you purchase them. This means that they no longer expire at the end of the Calendar year.
  2. Passes are still REQUIRED to ride or hike at Massanutten. Remember that the Western Slope is private property!
  3. Every cent of the proceeds from the trail passes goes back to the Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition and is then spent on the trails at Massanutten. To BUILD MORE TRAIL or maintain the existing trails.
  4. We have been building nearly one new trail a year at Massanutten for the past few years. The latest trail “
  5. While we are always grateful to receive your suggested donation of $50 for your trail pass, we would encourage you to come out to one of our Thursday evening trail work sessions at Massanutten to participate in all the fun and build the trails with some sweat equity. Don’t hesitate to join even if you already donated. We work most Thursday evenings from May to October. Stay tuned for our first trail work date
  6. We have new very official looking hang tags for your rear view mirror. We will mail you a new pass for the car along with a map, SVBC sticker, and trail pass.
  7. We also have Day and Week Trail passes available that can be printed out as soon as you pay for them. Now there is no excuse for your friends to not have a pass. Buy one NOW
  8. What are you waiting for? Fill out your online waiver, make sure your SVBC membership is current and either volunteer for trail work or donate for your pass and we will get a pass in the mail to you ASAP

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