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Log and debris covers the old trail on Tearjacket as the trail turns halfway down from the Ridge. Not only has the turn been exaggerated from the previous 90 degree turn but it also has a rise after the turn to slow riders momentum. The new relocation allows the tread to shed water and slows down bicycle riders to allow for a more positive interaction between hikers and bikers.

The ditchwitch was the machine of choice for the tread work as the trail got up to the higher elevations. The SVBC wanted to preserve the character of the trail since it narrowed as it gained elevation. The blade on the ditchwitch is not as wide as that on the Swaeco allowing for a slightly narrower tread.
Perfect example of sustainable trail relocation. The brush on the right side of the picture covers up the old trail bed. The old trail was rutted out and seriously cupped as a result of water running down the trail for many many years. The new relocation raises the trail above the old tread so that water will no longer sit on the tread.

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