Wootten captures Collin on 2,000 Hour Trail

Wootten captures Collin on 2,000 Hour Trail

October 20, 2012 Harrisonburg mountain bike trail Massanutten Massanutten Resort Massanutten Trails mountain bike trail work Mountain Biking Scott Wootten Shenandoah valley bicycle coalition SVBC Thomas Jenkins Trail building Trail Work 0

This trail on western slope of the Massanutten Resort is the crown-jewel (so far!) of SVBC’s volunteer-built trails.

Described as “the best volunteer-built trail in the country,” the 2,000 Hour Trail, so named for the 2,000 volunteer hours it took to build, was the crazy vision of SVBC member Thomas Jenkins, a vision that was fully supported by Massanutten Resort.  The trail took two years to complete, and is part of a fantastic (and growing) SVBC-built and maintained trail network on the Massanutten western slope.

Check out Collin’s flow on the fully sustainable and crazy fun trail, come ride it yourself, and then come help us build some more!


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