Tillman Road is Partially Closed

Tillman Road is Partially Closed

June 27, 2019 Updates 0

Please Respect the Closure and avoid bodily harm/$2,500 fine for Federal trespassing

What: A section of Tillman Road is closed until at least early October 2019. The area near the Hearthstone Dam is closed to all users to include people walking and biking. Please respect the closure to help the trails community maintain our positive relationship with the George Washington National Forest. Even if the gate is open during the day for construction traffic, the road remains CLOSED.

The closure is for ALL users including those walking and biking

Why: Worksite conditions pose Extreme DANGER due to large equipment and falling rock. The Hearthstone Lake Dam, is a high hazard dam constructed in 1966 for flood prevention, which means if the dam failed there would be a potential for loss of lives and property. The dam does not currently meet State dam safety standards. A large rehabilitation project is underway to bring the dam up to current State dam safety standards and extend its life and benefits for another 68 years.

Where: The Closure impacts less than a mile of Tillman road but does prevent all road users from through travel on Tillman Road from one end to the other. The Tillman West Trailhead remains accessible from the Rockingham County side of Tillman road that connects to US 257.

When: The road is closed through the beginning of October with construction planned to wrap up before November.

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