Tuesday Night Fast Ride

Description: This is a fast “drop” road ride, but you will sometimes find the group waiting up for a straggler or two (depending on the route) as the terrain and flow of the ride permit. However, there is no guarantee that the group will wait for you if you fall off the back. The group aims to finish the ride with at least 75% of the riders who started. This is not a race to the last person standing.

Time: 5:30 pm on Tuesdays.

Length: At least 2 hours sometimes 2.5 hours. Distances range from 40-50 miles.

Pace: The ride averages close to 20 mph, sometimes less depending on how many hills are in the route.

Location: Meet at in the Westover Park Swimming Pool Parking Lot

Surface: While most of the ride is on pavement, every route contains unpaved (gravel) segments. Some routes may consist of 25% gravel.

Ride Leader Contact Information: Email Kyle Lawrence or call with questions 571-277-8121/ Pete Morris 540-209-7244 /

Additional Info: See the routes that we rotate through here and load the file into your bike computer: Tuesday Night Ride Routes


Tuesday 4/19Brown’s Gap45 miles
Tuesday 4/26Tillman 46 miles
Tuesday 5/3Sprinters Loop41 miles
Tuesday 5/10Roman Road46 miles
Tuesday 5/17Mountain Valley39 miles
Tuesday 5/24John Kline40 miles
Tuesday 5/31Hopkins42 miles
Tuesday 6/7Brown’s Gap45 miles
Tuesday 6/14Tillman46 miles
Tuesday 6/21Reddish Knob Solstice53 miles
Tuesday 6/28Sprinters Loop41 miles
Tuesday 7/5Slate Hill44 miles
Tuesday 7/12Delwebb47 miles
Tuesday 7/19Brown’s Gap46 miles
Tuesday 7/26John Kline40 miles
Tuesday 8/2Roman Road46 miles
Tuesday 8/9Mountain Valley39 miles
Tuesday 8/16Hopkins42 miles
Tuesday 8/23Tillman46 miles
Tuesday 8/30Sprinters Loop41 miles
Tuesday 9/6John Kline40 miles
Tuesday 9/13Roman Road46 miles
Tuesday 10/4Sprinters Loop41 miles
Tuesday 10/11 Start at 5pmHopkins Variation36 miles
Tuesday 10/18 Start at 5pmJohn Kline40 miles