Route and map for Narrowback North.  Narrowback is the site of some of the incredible trail work SVBC recently completed with our second RTP grant.  We’ll update this map shortly, but you don’t need it to check out the new trail sections.  Come to Narrowback, you will be blown away!

Driving Directions

Narrowback is about a 30 minute drive from Harrisonburg.

  • Route 42 South from Harrisonburg for 3 miles to town of Dayton
  • After seeing sign for Dayton, take a right after 3rd quick stop light onto Route 257 west
  • Go 5 miles to stop sign at Ottobine, left on Route 257 follow sign to Reddish Knob
  • Follow Route 257 3 miles to “257 Market”, then turn right on Route 257
  • Follow Route 257 past entrance of Hone Quarry Recreation Area, then take left onto Tilghman (Tillman) Road (dirt)
  • Follow Tilghman road for a little over two miles and through open white forest service gate
  • Parking is on left at the old house foundation, which will be the first left-hand turn off Tilghman.

You should see the brown sign for trail #432, this is the trail you will take back down to the car. Narrowback North is often ridden in conjunction with Narrowback South but by itself provides am excellent ride with a little less climbing than the Cookie Trail and there are fewer rocks. The Festival Trail of Narrowback North has better flow when ridden south to north than the Cookie Trail ridden north to south.


See Map link above for a detailed map and route description of Narrowback’s Northern section.

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  1. Frank Habay says:

    I would like to say Thank You Marshall for your patience and kindness today on narrow back. You changed up your agenda to help me. It meant a lot ! I had more fun than I’ve had in a long time. And thanks to Tim for going it alone.

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