Forest Road 64

Forest Road 64

January 21, 2013 Bicycling George Washington National Forest George Washington National Forest Grab One More Gear Playing Outside in the Shenandoah Valley 0

At Todd Lake on a Beautiful Sunday Morning

“A couple folks have asked me about how we decide where to go on these camping trips.  Sometimes we go to spots we see while we are doing other rides, sometimes we hit places other people have mentioned, and sometimes we pull out a map and simply decide that there is a place that looks cool.  This trip was that last case, and given that Marhall Hammond was joining Johnny and I, it was even cooler as it was a spot even Marshall had never been.  When it comes to Marshall, you have to understand, there are very few trails or forest roads west of town his wheels have not touched at some time in the past. . . .”

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