Trails on Public Lands

We’re building accessible, beautiful, and adventurous National Forest Trails.

The Shenandoah Valley is graced by some of the most beautiful geography in the world, including the presence of George Washington National Forest, which comprises over a million acres of rugged, spectacular public land.

The Bike Coalition, its predecessor organization, and its members have been working with the United States Forest Service to improve and maintain trails in the GW since 1993.

To date, we’ve raised over $500,000 in federal grant dollars to build and improve beginner, advanced, and flow trails in the National Forest.

Ray Gay with two of his children in trailer on the Tillman West Trail. Shenandoah Mountain in the background.

Why It Matters

We’re building National Forest trails to provide accessible flow trails for beginner riders, as well as expert rock gardens for the more experienced. Prior to public lands projects like the Tillman West trail-build, there was not a single trail in our district of the National Forest that was friendly enough for families to enjoy with their children, whether on bikes or trailers.

Narrowback is a special place for mountain bikers because it provides an opportunity for new riders to cut their teeth riding bikes in the mountains. The new Tillman West Trail is a blast for riders of all abilities but it is also friendly and accessible enough for SVBC member Ray Gay to take his children down in a pull-behind trailer.

We are excited to build trails like Tillman West and to concurrently build very rocky and challenging trails on Lookout Mountain, all with the same Federal grant.

What Ray says about the work of the SVBC:
“The club and the continuation of good biking opportunities is extremely important to me and my family and is one of the reasons why we want to call Harrisonburg home.  A big thank you to all the other volunteers that commit so much more than money to make SVBC so real.”

What Ray’s daughter says about the work of the SVBC:
“That was more funner than a roller coaster!!”


Every grant dollar we raise for trails requires an in-kind match of time or money. Please donate or volunteer today to bring more biking trails to our forests.

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