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Fill out the online form below and submit your trail adoption requests 

The goals of the Trail Adoption Program (TAP) program is to empower local organizations, businesses, and individuals to engage, support, and manage the challenge of maintaining trails in the Shenandoah Valley.

Goals: What the community gains by adopting trail:

  1. Better trail conditions: More trails stay rideable throughout the year!
  2. We strengthen our relationship with land managers by showing our commitment to the trails we use.
  3. We build community pride and ownership around our trails.

Interested? Process for adopting:

  1. Who can adopt? 
  • Individuals
  • Businesses
  • Clubs, Groups, Organizations

2. Think about it: Before you submit a request to adopt

  • Rules: Read the Trail Adoption Expectations. Click Here
  • Capacity: Consider workload and time constraints for successful annual maintenance
  • Training: What do you need? Can you get it?
  • Helping Hands: Can you motivate the folks needed to make it happen?
  • Scope: Do you understand the scope of the work?

3. Select up to three trails you would like to adopt by filling out our online form: Click here for online form

    • Location: Is the trail within a convenient range for maintenance?
    • Freedom of Choice: Don’t see the trail you want? Add it but please select at least two trails from the list.
    • Multiple Trails: Let us know if you think you can tackle more than one trail.

Who will help: You are assuming the role of maintenance manager. We aim to develop a list of those who aren’t up for the commitment of adoption but are willing to be available as crew. As the “manager” of the trail, it is up to you to assemble your crews to maintain your trail. We will help advertise your planned maintenance days as appropriate.

Manage Expectations: We recognize trail work can become overwhelming if you don’t know when to stop.

Read expectations
Online form for adoption requests

Structure and Questions? The TAP program falls under the Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition and our group volunteer agreements with the US Forest Service, Harrisonburg Parks and Recreation, and Massanutten Resort. We ask all trail adopters to ensure they are current members of the Coalition. If the adopter is no longer able to meet the scope of the work their trail will be opened for new adoption and reassigned. Please direct your questions to [email protected]


Current Trails up for Adoption:

  • Lookout MountainTrail (Trail #716 from 535 to Wild Oak Parking Lot)
  • Hillandale: Pumptrack and Powerline trail Manager
  • Hillandale: Manager for remainder of trails
  • Lynn Trail (Trail #436)
  • Festival and Tower Trails on Narrowback (Trails #432A and 432B)
  • Wolf Ridge Trail (Trail # 378)
  • Timber Ridge Trail (Top of Reddish Knob to intersection with Wolf Ridge Trail)
  • Chestnut Ridge Trail (Little Bald Knob to the Skidmore intersection)
  • Massanutten: Kaylor’s Ridge
  • Massanutten: Upper Laird Knob DH
  • “Braley Pond” Trail# 496 (Portion of Bald Ridge Trail)
  • Tillman West (Trail #439)
  • Dowells Draft (Trail#650)
  • Trimble Mountain (Trail #375) ‘Boyscout’
  • Hearthstone Trail #431 From intersection of 378
  • Mud Pond and Oak Knob 544-428 Oak Knob
  • Sugar Run ‘Deathstar’ (Trail #1025)
  • Bridge Hollow Trail (Trail #442)
  • Slate Springs Trail (Red Diamond) Trail #428A
  • Confederate Breastworks and Road Hollow (Trail #447-448)
  • Massanutten: Boones Run (Trail #580)
  • ‘Camp Todd’ or Horse Trough Hollow portion of Wild Oak Trail (Trail #716 from FR95-Little Bald)
  • Heartbreak (Trail #435A)
  • Chimney Hollow (Trail #489)
  • High Knob Trail (Trail #1021)
  • ‘Magic Moss’ Portion of Wild Oak all the way down to Forest Road 96

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