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  • What: Join us for a panel discussion with trail planning professionals from Applied Trails Research, updating us on their assessment of Western Slope trails and exploring how to apply community goals to local terrain
  • Where: Dinner and Drinks at Broad Porch Coffee Roasters at Court Square, Harrisonburg (of course, this will be a “private” event at Broad Porch for the Coalition; anyone is welcome to join!).
  • When: Thursday, April 18th. Dinner/Hang @ 6pm, Panel @ 7p.
  • Why: Excellent trail design requires harmonizing community feedback, landowner goals, and local topography. As the final week of on-the-ground trails assessment nears completion, join us for a sneak peek on how professionals integrate goals, desires, topography, and existing trail designs into their trail planning efforts. Come be part of the trail planning process and hear why we’re excited about the future of the Western Slope trails.

Preview of Questions We’ll Discuss:

  • What are strategies for applying community feedback to future trail design?
  • Where is there potential for major new routes?
  • Will there ever be an intermediate trail to the top? And what would that require?
  • What does Western Slope terrain imply for the location and creation of beginner trails?
  • Can navigating trail names and intersections get easier?
  • What is the purpose and use of alternative lines?
  • When will the new trails plan be released?
  • How can I stay up to date or get more involved?

Continue to learn more about the survey results informing strategies here: https://svbcoalition.org/2024/01/23/western-slope-trails-planning-process/

Western Slope Round Up!

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