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When: Every Thursday through October: Join anytime between 5pm-8pm

Where: We will meet on the new trail which you can access by walking out the Peak Ridge trail above 2K (new connector from top of 2K) until you see where the new trail intersects with the Peak Ridge Trail

Where to Park: Park at the top of Del Webb Drive You will need to drive through the red gate (Please open/close the gate at the bottom of Del Webb as you arrive or leave) all the way up the mountain and park before you pass the yellow gate on top. (top of “2K Trail). Everyone, please park on the same side of the road.  See online map with the new trail.

What to Bring: You, good working attire, and a friend! Your Bicycle Coalition will provide tools and beverages for post-trail work enjoyment.

Goal: 1200 hours in the next 26 weeks, 15 volunteers a week!

Questions? Contact us! or (571) 277-8121

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