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It is easy to forget that the SVBC started with group rides. Before there was a “coalition” before the road bike club and the mountain bike club joined forces to represent all things cycling in Harrisonburg, before we worked for greenways, before we were talking about Safe Routes to School, before we advocated for safely riding our bicycles around town, before we put up yard signs to Connect Our Schools, there were group rides. Something about group rides brings a smile to the face of even the most jaded cyclists. Whether it is a casual social ride, a fast “drop” ride, or something in between, group rides have been the lifeblood of recreational cycling clubs for decades.

Here at the SVBC, we are VERY excited to offer some sort of group ride 5 days of the week. There are also other rides in our community that don’t necessarily fall under the SVBC “umbrella” but that we promote so that you know all your options for finding like-minded friends to ride with. You can always check on our “Recurring Rides” under the sub-menu on our website.

Harris-RoubaixThis time of year is always exciting as the regular weekly SVBC group rides begin again with the time change. Whether it is the 25+ year Wednesday night social ride with the same ride leader (Marcia) for the entire span of the ride, the Monday night social mountain bike ride at Massanutten that aims to ride all the Massanutten trails you didn’t know exist, the Thursday night “Steady Road Ride” that uses the same loop each week, or one of the two Sunday rides that continue through the winter, there is something for nearly everyone. Here is our list of rides which can always be found: https://svbcoalition.org/weekly-rides/

Massanutten Mondays, 5:30 pm 
Description: Social intermediate mountain bike ride.
Pace: Steady, moderate pace.
Length: 1.5 – 2 hours.
Location: Meet at the Massanutten Western Slope parking lot.
Ride Leader Contact Information: Mike (540-246-6081) and Jonathan Albert  (540.746.4359)


Post-kid bedtime ride. ALL are welcome.
Monday, 8:30pm…1-1 1/2 Road ride into Rockingham County.
Length: 1-1 1/2 hour road ride into Rockingham County
Location: Shenandoah Bicycle Company 135 South Main St
Ride Leader Contact Information: Thomas Jenkins or 540-236-2001

Tuesday Night “Fast Ride,” 5:30 pm
Description: This is a “drop” road ride, but you will often find the group waiting up for some folks as the terrain and flow of the ride permits. However, there is no guarantee that the group will wait for you if you fall off the back. Generally the group does not lose more than 25% of  riders.
Pace: The ride averages close to 20mph, sometimes less depending on the hills.
Length: About 2 hours.
Location: Meet at Shenandoah Bicycle Company.
Ride Leader Contact Information: Email Kyle Lawrence. or Call with questions 571-277-8121


Women’s  Road Ride,  meet us near the skate park at Westover every Tuesday at 5:30 pm Will begin April 5, 2016
Description:  Group bike ride for the ladies. 
Pace: Slow/moderate
Length: 1.5 – 2 hours
Location: Westover Park (parking lot near the skate park)
Ride Leader Contact Information: Kari Carpenter at 540 (dash) 578 (dash) 2364 or kcarpenter (at) rockingham.k12.va.us and Marcia at 540 (dash) 432 (dash) 3312 or mlamphier (at) harrisonburg.k12.va.us
Social Road Ride, 5:15 pm (SHARP) 
Description: This is an intermediate, social road ride. No headphones.
Pace: Pace is “social,” 12 – 14 mph, with no one dropped.
Length: Between 20 and 30 miles, or 1.5-2 hours.
Location: Meet at HHS on 1001 Garbers Church Road.
Ride Leader Contact Information: Marcia 540 (dash) 432 (dash) 3312 or mlamphier (at) harrisonburg.k12.va.us


Thursday Steady Road Ride, 5:30  Begins Thursday Night March 24
Description:  This is a group ride of about 30 miles with an average speed of 17-18mph. This is not a no-drop ride, so it is helpful to know your way back if you fall off pace. Same route each week – has a little bit of everything.
Length: +/-2 hour ride. 30-40 miles See the route which is the SAME every week
Location: Meet at Rocktown Bicycles.
Ride Leader Contact Information: Chris Michaels, 540.689.0070
Thursday Night: TTNR, 5:30
Description: Another day (or second chance) for TNR Fans. It’ll be fast. It’s a drop ride (and may contain gravel and other features). Bring your road bike unless announced otherwise.
Pace: 20ish mph average +/-
Length: 2ish hrs +/-
Location: 5:30pm rollout from Pro Tested Gear (5:10 if you want coffee)
Leader: Nick Waite // 540.746.8575
Sunday Bridgewater Road Ride,    March 27. Leaves at 9 AM.  Riding on hard surface roads.
Description: Social intermediate road ride. No one is dropped. This is a ride for those that can ride at  an intermediate pace and up to 60 miles.   Check this webpage each Saturday for weekly for updates. 
Pace: Faster than Wednesday’s social ride and slower than Thursday’s steady ride.
Length: 3-4 hours.
Location: Leaves from Bridgewater’s Wildwood Park, West Bank St.
Ride Leader Contact Information: Rich Harris, harrisra (at) jmu (dot) edu or 540- 810-5127


Sunday Harrisonburg Road Ride,  March 20: we will meet at 9:00 AM this week. Snow, schmo…..
Description: Casual road ride, Sundays throughout the year. Check this webpage each Saturday for weekly updates.
Pace: Casual-pace; nobody gets dropped.
Length: Usually 20-40 miles; occasionally more.
Location: Meet at 745 South Dogwood Drive in Harrisonburg.
Ride Leader Contact Information:  Carl Droms, dromscg (at) gmail (dot) com  or 540-908-7806

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