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11/19: We learned today that the Public input meeting planned for Tuesday December 3 has been postponed with a date to be announced in the not too distant future. From the MPO:

“We have decided it will be necessary to postpone the Public Meeting scheduled for December 3rd as well, in order to give the consultant team time to address the issues with the plan. We want to insure that when it is ready to be presented to the public, we are presenting a plan that we can be assured is insightful, well-reasoned, fiscally responsible, and progressive.”


We need your attendance! Come out and show your support for biking and walking in the Harrisonburg  The Harrisonburg-Rockingham Metropolitan Planning Organization (HRMPO) is putting together their first ever plan designed specifically for bicycles and pedestrians. Curious as to the MPO boundaries? Checkout the map. The plan will include parts of the City of Harrisonburg, parts of Rockingham County, and the Towns of Bridgewater, Dayton and Mt. Crawford. We need to have a strong showing of support to demonstrate that our community needs additional accommodations for bicycles as the city and county continue to grow and more and more people are biking and walking for recreation or transportation. More information on the HRMPO planning process.

When: Tuesday December 3 – 5-7 pm

Where: Thomas Harrison Middle School

What: Public Meeting to comment on draft of HRMPO Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan

Why: This is the first ever bike/ped plan for our local MPO (What is an MPO?) and we need to make sure there is broad public support for such a plan. There is clearly a need to plan for bicycles and pedestrians in our region as well as expand and improve our facilities such as bike lanes, greenways, and more. Especially as Harrisonburg-Rockingham County continue to be recognized as the “Bicycle Capital of Virginia.”


Wouldn’t you like to see bike lanes extend along route 42 between Harrisonburg and Dayton? Show up and make sure it is in the plan! How about a safe place to ride on route 11 on the north and south ends of the City? Show up and make sure it is in the plan! Maybe you are concerned about bicycles and pedestrians on Port Republic road? Show up and make sure it is in the plan!


“The purpose of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan is to provide a framework for the development of an efficient, safe, and interconnected system of pedestrian, bicycle, and multi-use facilities that will enhance the transportation system of the region. There are several key benefits that will result from this project including improved transportation network, recreation and health, tourism and economic development.” http://www.hrvampo.org/bikepedplan

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