Massanutten Trail Work

Beginning Thursday, May 8, 2014 trail work will return to Massanutten every Thursday night for the Summer weeks.  As usual we will be Leaving from the Western Slope parking lot at 5 pm.  We’ll work until 7:30 or so. You can always meet us on location

  • These trail work sessions are a great opportunity to earn a Massanutten trail pass (8 work hours get you a season pass), help develop and maintain the trail system on the Western Slope, and meet fellow trail lovers.
  • This spring, we will be clearing the corridor for a new trail by the Pond.  The gate by the Horse stalls will also be open for folks to drive to the Pond.  Feel free to ride your bike in as well.  SVBC will supply tools and drinks.  Bring gloves and good trail work attire.
  • If you are running late look for the Red Truck by the Pond and follow flags around left side of pond for a 1/2 mile to site location.

For more info on trail work days contact Thomas Jenkins: tj (at) shenandoahbicycle (dot) com, 540-236-2001.

SVBC’s history at Massanutten

Thomas Jenkins and Rich Edwards estimate that, beginning in 1996, SVBC members have spent 15,000 hours building trail on the Western Slope, and that perhaps 500 sets of hands have shaped those trails.  And more is to come!


Volunteer Hours


Members of SVBC have been volunteering hours to help maintain and build trails on the Massanutten Western Slope for the past decade. For inspiration, check out the videos below to see what the trail work below has accomplished.

    • 2013 Volunteer Hours: 640
    • 2012 Volunteer Hours: 720
    • 2011 Volunteer Hours: 740
    • 2010 Volunteer Hours: 690
    • 2009 Volunteer Hours: 1062
    • 2008 Volunteer Hours: 580
    • 2007 Volunteer Hours: 420
    • 2006 Volunteer Hours: 610



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