Spreading Pixie Dust to Build Better Communities

Back in the fall of 2018, Brice Shirbach from Pink Bike spent some time in Harrisonburg riding trails, meeting people and hearing our stories about what makes this place so “sticky.” While in the area, Brice spent time riding many of our favorite trails to include, Lookout Mountain, Timber Ridge, Wolf, Narrowback, Massanutten Bike Park, Western Slope Trails, Hillandale Park, and Bird Knob. In this short video, Brice showcases some of the ridiculously silly rocky riding that some folks in the area enjoy. But really it is all about the Pixie dust that makes this place special. A community of great folks building something for those of us who chose to live, work, and play here. Sure, visitors are welcomed with open arms but we aren’t trying to build an economy solely based on outdoor recreation. Rather, we seek to enhance the places we live by building better communities with the help of the bicycle.   


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