National Youth Bike Summit

This three-day, national conference is geared toward youth—offering hands-on workshops, keynote speakers and demonstrations—many lead by youth themselves. The planning committee is passionate about making sure that local Virginia community has the opportunity to both attend and actively shape this opportunity.


Three ways you might like to be involved:

  1. Submitting a proposal to present at the conference. OR Encouraging your youth leaders to do the same!
  • The Youth Bike Summit is particularly unique because of the wealth of opportunities youth are given to really shape the conference and its content. As a hometown host, we’re rooting for any local youth (and programs that work with youth) or folks who have a neat perspective not often shared with young people to pitch sessions. Got an idea to share?
  1. Encouraging youth and other local leaders to attend
  • The conference is national, and travels around the country. It’s a great (and rare) opportunity to attend while it’s happening right here in Virginia.
  1. Spread the word!
  • Share this information with all of your bike, engineer, youth and advocate communities in Harrisonburg! Gotta get some representation from Virginia’s Bike Capital, right?!

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