Contact Your Senator TODAY to ban Handheld Phone use while driving

DRIVE SMART VirginiaUpdate on 2/26/2018: 
See below for talking points on what to include in your letter to your Senator

2/21/2018: From our friends at Drive Smart Virginia:
This Week, Virginia Delegates Will Vote on an Important Distracted Driving Bill and WE NEED YOUR HELP!!
Sample Message to Legislator
  • Keep it short and sweet. Subject line should be: VOTE YES ON HB181 to ban handheld phone use in Virginia
  • Suggested content for email or phone discussion: 
Last year, Virginia traffic fatalities increased 11% from 2016 fatalities. The National Safety Council estimates that at least 25% of all crashes can be attributed to distracted driving. The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute found that texting (or manipulating a wireless device) increases crash risk by 23 times, or 2300%.
HB181 provides that any person who drives a vehicle on any highway while using a handheld personal communications device where such use substantially diverts the driver’s attention from the operation of the vehicle is guilty of improper driving. This is punishable as a traffic infraction with a fine of not more than $500.  Please support HB181.
Finally, make sure that you are clear in that you are a constituent! Include your address in the signature line of your email or mention this during your phone call. THANK YOU in advance for your help!

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