2017 SVBC Board Elections


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Meet our Candidates for the SVBC Board of Directors. Once elected, each candidate will serve for a 3-year term. We have 5 candidates and 5 open spots on the SVBC Board.

Kevin Rogers

I’m a Valley native having grown up in western Rockingham County. When I was 5 my parents moved to Florida where I spent my first 4 years in school and was exposed and learned early on about the diverse cultures we live in. During these years I spent most of my time outside riding my bike and walking the neighborhoods we lived in which included my mother commuting me to school on her bicycle. Moving back to the Valley at age 9 I spent the next several years riding my bike in the rural part of the County and spending the rest of my time in these beautiful mountains that surround us.

In the past few years, I have developed a passion for cycling on both roads and mountain trails. This has opened my eyes to all the opportunities the SVBC has helped facilitate both since its inception along with the challenges it faces moving forward to improve upon our current transportation infrastructure for Cycling and Walking. More importantly how we can “plant the seeds” in the minds of the upcoming generations so that our progress and goals will continue to grow and nurture a better quality of life for our entire Valley community thru the influence of Cycling!

I have served on several boards and am currently the Director of the ShenRock Youth Bike Team and continue to remain involved with my Church Youth groups and local Boy Scout Troop as a Mentor.     

Randall Wolf

Bicycling has been foundational to my life and provides me with adventure, fitness, transportation, and life-long friendships. My wife, Julia and I live in Stuarts Draft, and she rightly once said to me about my cycling friends, “They are your tribe.” Yes, you are.

About me – a few cycling highlights:

  • I have enjoyed bike tours, including a 3-week tour from Philadelphia to Nova Scotia and back with five friends at age 16, and a Baltimore-Danville tour in my 20s via Skyline Drive. 
  • As a photojournalist, I covered the first US pro team in the Vuelta Espana.
  • I have loved working for over 30 years at professional bike races and charity events throughout the country.
  • Editor and cycling blogger for a newspaper in Westchester, NY: After a cyclist was killed by a city bus in 2009, I helped write an editorial suggesting a safe passing law be enacted. Thanks to the efforts of many, Merrill’s Law went into effect a year later, making New York riders safer.
  • LCI Certified Instructor
  • Vice President of Stanton Kiwanis Club; we are working to host bike safety rodeos this spring.
  • Currently helping to organize Bike Kitchens and lead rides in Staunton and Waynesboro.

My goal as a board member of SVBC is to learn from and support the members of the club and to become a voice in the Valley regarding the value of community biking.

Dan Wright 

I’ve been riding in the Valley since 2012, when my wife and I moved to Staunton from Chicago. As a rider, I enjoy pretty much anything I can fit in – road, mountain, and (in the fall) some very amateur cyclocross racing. I’m also an avid mechanic and built my own custom steel road frame a few years ago. Since I’m a Staunton resident, I’m excited about helping SVBC’s reach expand into Augusta County; we have lots of riders and interest in creating infrastructure here, and SVBC could be a major asset south of Harrisonburg. I am also a recently certified League of American Bicyclists instructor and am looking forward to planning and teaching classes this summer in association with SVBC’s Education Committee. I love the work that SVBC does for the cycling community in the area and am excited about the opportunity to contribute to that mission.

Raymond Gay

Every time I hop on a bike whether it’s in the woods (which I prefer) or on the road, it takes me back to being a kid. As a kid, riding my bike meant freedom – freedom to get to connect with friends, freedom to explore the woods and the freedom to occasionally get lost. Thankfully riding a bike still, helps me stay connected with friends and still gives me freedom – the freedom from being bogged down with life’s responsibilities. Riding is also a family thing for us, some of our favorite “adventures” have been on bikes. We all know the Valley offers us a very special place to live, work and play. From a biking perspective, the Coalition and its predecessor groups have been at it for a long time and have made great strides in enhancing our trail systems, providing access to safer road riding and improving our recognition and relationships with local government entities. As we see the Valley grow we need to make sure we continue to be noticed and represented so that the things we enjoy most will continue to be improved upon and available now and in the future.  I’d like to help make sure that the next generation of riders have it a little better.

Thanks for your consideration and I look forward to helping to continue and build upon the work that has already been done.

Mike Bowen

I have lived in Harrisonburg/Rockingham County my entire life and currently live in Massanutten Village with my wife Robyn and two kids. We are extremely fortunate to have so many miles of premier mountain bike trails in our back yard. The access to trails have grown tremendously in the time I have been riding (20 + years) and I know in large part because of the efforts of SVBC. I also have enjoyed seeing many road improvements across the City and County and look forward to continued progress to make road riding a more viable option for commuting and recreating for more people.

It would be fairly easy to make a laundry list to express all the positive things about riding bikes, but all I really need to do is look at the smiles in a group of cyclists; good stuff.

I would like to keep advancing this great activity.


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