11/9: Connect Our Schools Public Meeting

City of Harrisonburg Public Works will host an open-house meeting to share plans for the Garbers Church Road Shared Use Path (aka Connect our Schools) with the public. The public is invited to learn more about the project, ask questions, and provide input on the design.

  • What: Open House for Garbers Church Shared Use Paths (Connect Our Schools)
  • When: Thursday, November 9th from 5:00pm – 7:00pm
  • Where: Bluestone Elementary School, Dining Commons.
  • Why: This will be the final opportunity to comment on the Connect Our Schools proposed projects. Come out to show your support and also to vocalize what the greenways should look like, where they should go, and more.
  • Questions to Ask: while at the Open-House Public Meeting:
      • Will the trail connect to the door of Thomas Harrison Middle School?
      • Will the trail follow the shortest alignment on the power line corridor that currently connects Thomas Harrison Middle School to Hillandale Park?
      • Can we expect planning and design work for phase 3 to include the Cale trail and connections to Westover Park?
      • Will there be an official connection to route 33 for access from the north?
      • Will the trail utilize the existing road in Hillandale Park?
        • If so, will any safety improvements be made?
      • Has the city worked to develop plans to ensure the trail utilizes the shortest distance possible between schools, parks, and neighborhoods?
      • What does the prioritization look like for the project? What will be built?
      • Do current plans include lighting to enable use at night?
      • What are the signage plans? Will wayfinding signs direct visitors to the trail?
  • Read the Comments: your Bicycle Coalition submitted during the prior public input period CLICK HERE

Thursday, November 9th from 5:00pm7:00pm at Bluestone Elementary School, Dining Commons.

The meeting will build upon the previous Citizen Information Meeting, held in January, where conceptual plans were shared with the public, and public input was received. The project will construct a shared bicycle and pedestrian facility that will connect schools and parks in the southwest quadrant of the city.

Additional information on the project: https://www.harrisonburgva.gov/garbers-church-road-sup


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