The Blue Ridge Cup is DEAD!

The Blue Ridge Cup is DEAD!

September 6, 2012 Ramblewood park Shenandoah valley bicycle coalition 0

You heard it here first. The Blue Ridge Cup is DEAD. From the ashes rises the Friendly City Grand Prix.

The Friendly City Grand Prix will hold all events in Harrisonburg! You heard it right. No more driving over the mountain to fight the Foof. No more driving deep into the breadbasket of the Confederacy to show Queen City who is boss. Now you can come out to Ramblewood Park on Tuesday September 18 at 5:30pm and play cross with all of your best friends. Afterwards we will find someone’s house to go and hang out. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors! 
Cross is back in Harrisonburg and it isn’t going over the mountain this time (We hope Queen City and Fooftown will still show up to play with us…)

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