Please please please help Adventure Seen by 5pm Sunday

Please please please help Adventure Seen by 5pm Sunday

June 22, 2013 Fundraising 1

Hey you guys, our wonderful Wootten (of Adventure Seen) makes incredible videos of us and everything we love — we are so lucky to have him.  What he does takes SIGNIFICANT time and effort.  Please support him on Kickstarter so he can understake his largest project yet!! (Which, as always, will be a celebration of US!)

Here is some original footage Scott will incorporate, courtesy of Telemedia Productions:

Scott is raising money on Kickstarter that will enable him make a film of the history of the Massanutten HOO-HA! (which just had its 25th year), and in doing so tell part of the story of our community.  It’s a great idea — he’s got access to wonderful footage from the original HOO-HA! in 1989, and of course delicious footage from this year’s racing.  PLEASE help if you can!

And here again is the Kickstarter link:

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Wahoo!!! He did it! Go Adventure Seen! Thanks to everyone who contributed.

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