Picnic Shelter at Massanutten? We Need Your Help!

Picnic Shelter at Massanutten? We Need Your Help!

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SVBC members, mountain bikers in the Shenandoah Valley, and Massanutten Hoo-Ha racers have been enjoying amazing trails at Massanutten’s Western Slope for years. Thanks to the hard work of Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition volunteers, several new miles of incredible trail have been built over the past seven years. Now a young SVBC member and mountain biker, Harrison Naftel, wants to give back to the community by building a picnic shelter at the Western Slope as his Eagle Scout project. Harrison will be spending many hours planning, fundraising, and building the picnic shelter. But Harrison cannot do it all on his own, he needs your help. First and foremost he needs to raise some funds then he needs volunteer labor. Please read Harrison’s appeal below and consider donating to help him reach his goal.

From Harrison Naftel:
My Eagle Project, will be building an outdoor shelter on the Western Slope of
Massanutten. The shelter will be located in the field near the parking lot. Massanutten is
donating trusses to the project, saving approximately $800. I still need $1000 to finish
the project and buy necessary building materials like concrete, gravel, roofing, etc. The
shelter can be used by any members of the Western Slope, as well as during mountain
biking events like the Hoo-Ha. It can serve as a great meeting place for group rides, and
a picnic spot for families. If anyone is able to donate time, money, or materials, please
let me know.

Please Consider Donating Now Through the SVBC Paypal account.
All donations will go towards supplies for the Massanutten Western Slope Picnic Shelter

If you have any questions or want to donate via check, donate materials, or volunteer time, please
Further details on the Outdoor Shelter on the Western Slope that Harrison Naftel will build in Spring 2013:
  • The shelter would be located in the field just inside the entrance from the main Parking Lot, where it is flat.
  • Massanutten has given trusses to the project. The trusses determine the size of the shelter at 21’9” x 26’. This has saved an approximate $800 for the price of the project.
  • Posts will be 6” x 6” at 6’5” spacing
  • The shelter will be 8’ from floor to ceiling.
  • The shelter will have a gravel floor, a bottom layer of larger gravel and then Pea sized gravel.
  • The shelter will have Ondura Roofing a fiberglass/plastic sheet roofing.
  • I have already raised $150 from fundraising, and the total cost estimate is $1000.

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  1. anonymous says:

    I will match any cash donation dollar for dollar for this project. Please let Kyle or Harrison know of your donation so I may match it. Thanks and lets try to get the funds raised before 2013 Hoo-Ha.

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