One Night Down. Five to Go! Rain or Shine

One Night Down. Five to Go! Rain or Shine

September 19, 2012 Ramblewood park 0

Despite the many naysayers around town who predicted a very messy and muddy Rumble at Ramblewood last night, the course was perfect. A little slick in a few turns but great traction with the fresh cut grass and twisty course. We began burning in a line that will make the course much faster for the coming weeks. So far as we know everyone’s bike survived the wheel eating hole that was up on the top part of the course.

We ran the course counter clock-wise the first time then clock-wise the second time. Over 35 folks showed up on all types of bikes. Come out and join us at Ramblewood every Tuesday until the end of October. We start at 5:30 but NOT from the parking lot with the softball fields. Follow the directions and map to get to the right spot!


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