4/27: Hillandale Trail Work Day Brushing

It is that time of year when the trails at Hillandale are quickly narrowing down due to the spring growth. We need your help to beat back the brush and liberate the trails for everyone.

What: “brush” the trails at Hillandale Park so that the thorns, leaves, branches and other growth doesn’t pull you off the bike or cut your arms to little pieces.

When: Thursday April 27 from 4pm to dark.

Where: Rocktown Trails at Hillandale Park

Why: The SVBC and our volunteers have built and maintain their trails for over 10 years. It is incumbent on us to keep the momentum rolling and the trails in great condition

Meet us in the back of the main park and look for the large white SVBC trailer. We have the tools please just bring a strong back and willingness to work!


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