SHEN-ROCK: Ride Schedule

How can you ride with the SHEN-ROCK Team?

  1. Join the Team! Follow these simple steps to join the team.
  2. Show up for our Spring group rides starting Tuesday March 14, 2017 and continuing Tuesdays and Thursdays (unless there is a race) until June 1, 2017
  3. Weekly Ride Location: Massanutten’s Western Slope Trails located near Keezletown, Va NOT in Massanutten Resort or anywhere near the ski slopes.
      1. Learn more about the Western Slope Mountain Bike Trails on and on the MTBproject Mapping Site
      2. 20 minute Driving directions to Massanutten Western Slope Trails from Harrisonburg: Google Maps Directions



8/22/2017 Tuesday Massanutten
8/24/2017 Thursday Massanutten
8/29/2017 Tuesday Massanutten
8/31/2017 Thursday Massanutten
9/5/2017 Tuesday Massanutten
9/5/2017 Thursday Massanutten
9/10/2017 Sunday Miller School Race
9/12/2017 Tuesday Massanutten
9/14/2017 Thursday Massanutten
9/19/2017 Tuesday Massanutten
9/21/2017 Thursday Massanutten
9/24/2017 Sunday Stokesville Race
9/26/2017 Tuesday Massanutten
9/28/2017 Thursday Massanutten
10/3/2017 Tuesday Massanutten
10/5/2017 Thursday Massanutten
10/10/2017 Tuesday Massanutten
10/12/2017 Thursday Massanutten
10/15/2017 Sunday Bedford Race
10/17/2017 Tuesday Massanutten
10/19/2017 Thursday Massanutten
10/21/2017 Saturday Woodberry Race
10/24/2017 Tuesday Massanutten
10/26/2017 Thursday Massanutten