Friday Six-Packs

Please note: due to insurance concerns, SVBC is no longer sponsoring the Six Pack Downhills.  SVBC no longer organizes the Six-Packs, and is no longer affiliated with them.  That means, among other things, that you are not covered by SVBC’s insurance when participating in the Six-Packs.  We include the following information because Friday Six-Packs are an integral part of SVBC history, and the history of mountain biking and trail working in the Shenandoah Valley. 

Friday Six Pack Downhills!

A Harrisonburg tradition since 1995. The Friday Six Pack Downhills are a very fun, informal group ride in the mountains west of Harrisonburg. Each week in the fall is a new trail somewhere in the George Washington National Forest.  The Ride consists of a casual leisurely pace to climb up the mountain and then a very informal “race” back down the mountain. Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to participate especially if you have never ridden in the mountains around town.

Each year the series culminates with an “Invitational” downhill, the Universal Fixed Gear World Championships, and an enormous party.  All those with one 6-pack and two trail works are invited!

Help us piece together our invitational history!

2012 -Invitational was on Boone’s Run; winnters: Collin Vento & Sue Haywood; party was at Collin’s
2011 – Invitational was at Braley’s Pond; winners: Dan Fudala & Sue Haywood; party was at JV Lair
2010 – Invitational was at Hearthstone; winners: Dan Fudala & Sue Haywood; party was at JV Lair
2009 – Invitational was at Tear Jacket; winners: Dan Fudala & Aimee Grahe; party was at Jeremiah Jenkins
2008 – Invitational was at High Knob;
2007 – Invitational was at Chimney Hollow; winners: Michael Carpenter & –; party was at Justin Hanger’s
2006 – Invitational was at Camp Todd;
2005 – Invitational was at — ; winners:  & –; party was at
2004 – Invitational was at Boone’s Run; winners: Jeremiah Bishop & –;
2003 – Invitational was at Oak Knob; winners: — & –; party was at Adam Childress’
2002 – Invitational was at Braley’s Pond; winners: — & –; party was at Adam Childress’
2001 – Invitational was at Fridley’s Gap; winner: — & –; party was at Thomas Jenkins’
2000 – Invitational was at Red Diamond;
1999 – Invitational was at Dowell’s Draft; 
1998 – Invitational was at Big Hollow;
1997 – Invitational was at Lynn;  
1996 – Invitational was at Rifle Range;  
1995 – Invitational was at Trimble Mountain;  

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