Kevin Rogers

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I’m a Valley native having grown up in western Rockingham County. When I was 5 my parents moved to Florida where I spent my first 4 years in school and was exposed and learned early on about the diverse cultures we live in. During these years I spent most of my time outside riding my bike and walking the neighborhoods we lived in which included my mother commuting me to school on her bicycle. Moving back to the Valley at age 9 I spent the next several years riding my bike in the rural part of the County and spending the rest of my time in these beautiful mountains that surround us.

In the past few years, I have developed a passion for cycling on both roads and mountain trails. This has opened my eyes to all the opportunities the Coalition has helped facilitate both since its inception along with the challenges it faces moving forward to improve upon our current transportation infrastructure for Cycling and Walking. More importantly how we can “plant the seeds” in the minds of the upcoming generations so that our progress and goals will continue to grow and nurture a better quality of life for our entire Valley community thru the influence of Cycling!