Corrie Green

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I am a Harrisonburg and Rockingham County native. I started to fall in love with bicycling while living in Wyoming and working for Grand Teton National Park. A friend leant me a bike as my car had broken down and I didn’t have the money to fix it. I starting biking a few miles to work and back and have fond memories of seeing moose hidden in the shadows and elk horns on the ground. When I moved back to Harrisonburg my boyfriend ( now husband ) bought me a bicycle and little by little I became an addict. My interest in joining the coalition and representing the valley is all about getting people on bikes who may not have the means to do so. The socioeconomic aspect of riding appeals to me both because I didn’t have a bike growing up as a kid and because at one point it was my only means to get to work. I would love to pull my love of biking toward people who could benefit from its use and make it more accessible for people needing a pathway to work or fun.