2014 Tour de Burg

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19th Annual Tour de Burg — July 2 – 6, 2014 – Harrisonburg, VA

Stage details and logistics subject to change.  Dinner locations will be updated soon.


2014 Info forthcoming… 2013 Info Below

Some fools have already decided to commit to this year’s ride, read why:

18th Annual Letters of Intent

Please forward your letter of intent to the Tour Director at [email protected]


Race Overview

Prologue and Stage 1 [MTB]: Wednesday, July 3, 2013
HIGH Noon – Boy Scout/Trimble Mtn – ITT – First rider goes at Noon!
Parking at Stokesville Lodge and ride to Trimble Mtn.
2pm – Lookout Hot Lap
Race will depart from the ITT staging area
Dinner to be served at 375 E Wolfe Street – Jenkins House
Stage 2 [MTB]: Thursday, July 4
10am – HalfMoon – Little Sluice Mountain – Tuscarora Trail
Parking off FR92 (P15?)
Dinner to be served at 310 Ohio Avenue – Carpenter House
Stage 3 [Road]: Friday, July 5
9am – Reddish Knob – Moyers Gap – Stokesville
Departs Court Square, Downtown Harrisonburg at 9am
Stage 4 [MTB]: Friday, July 5
    6pm – Rocktown Trails ITT
    Rocktown Trailhead, Hillendale Park
    Dinner to be served at 310 Ohio Avenue – Carpenter House
Stage 5 [MTB]: Saturday, July 6
10am – Pond Knob – Reddish – Wolfe Ridge
Departs Court Square, Downtown Harrisonburg at 9am
Dinner at the Little Grille – 621 North Main Street
Stage 6 [MTB]: Sunday, July 7
10am – Twin Towers: Waonaze Peak to Kennedy Peak – Derecho Redemption
Park at Camp Roosevelt
Picnic and rewards to follow.

General Informaion

  • MTB days will be 35-55 miles and take 6-8 hours. Road days will be 100+ and take 6-8 hours.
  • We will provide dinner after each stage – locations TBA.
  • To volunteer or for more information contact to [email protected]


General Classification
  • To be considered for the general classification you must finish each stage in its entirety.
  • The individual with the best combined time (all stages) will wear the leaders’ jersey.
  • You must start the stage with the group (i.e. no riding on your own).
  • Sprint, KOM, & Super D competitors will earn points for top 5 finishes in the respective competitions. 1st – 5 pts, 2nd – 4 pts, 3rd – 3 pts, 4th – 2 pts, 5th – 1 pt. The individual with the most points and completes the tour wears the jersey and wins the competition.
  • Sprint, KOM, & Super D classifications do not count toward General Classification.
  • There may be situations when a time cut is imposed in order to keep the group moving and to complete the stage in a timely manner. We expect to wait up to an hour after timed sections for the peloton to regroup. On certain sections and scenarios, if a rider does not finish within 1 hour of the group, they may be rerouted or sagged.



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